Rhesus Monkey Skull (Macaca mulatta)
Digital Photography Experimentation - 2008
Equipment: Nikon D300 with Nikon 60mm f/2.8 macro lens,
Medium: Helicon Focus, Adobe Lightroom 2 & Adobe Photoshop CS4

This image is the result of my experience working with Roy Larimer and gaining just enough knowledge and experience to want to do some micro photography just to see what I could do. So I built myself a copy stand, purchased a nice macro lens for my camera and started shooting. I did both lateral and frontal views of the skull, but am only showing the lateral view here at this time.

I have alway wanted to be able to photograph some of the things that I find or have collected. Flowers, insects, minerals, etc. but the process had eluded me. Partly because I couldn't afford the equipment at the time, but mostly because the technology had not been developed to the point at which an amateur photographer could afford it, and not have to rely on developing film or sending it out.

Digital photography has made photography a hobby that almost anyone can afford these days, and if a person has a computer they can do marvelous things with an image. Using image editing applications that come with many digital cameras to the grand champion of them all, "Photoshop" which is becoming a household word whether one owns the program or not.

I originally acquired this skull in the mid 70's and added it to my teaching collection. A box of objects like skulls, seashells, crystals, seed pods, pine cones, marbles of all colors and sizes, etc. As you can see, it is not very large, but much bigger than the flies I have been working with. It measures exactly 10cm or nearly 4". This image required four slices to get all the detail in focus, and using the program Helicon Focus to analyze and comnposite the images I was able to get this image which I then put in Photoshop and cleaned up the background and cleaned up some of the areas on the skull where there was dust and dirt.