Anastrepha Castanea

Invasive Fruit Fly - Anastrepha castanea
Invasive Fruit Fly Project
Work in progress - 2008/Present
Medium: Adobe Photoshop, whichever current version is available at the time the work is being performed.

This project is ongoing, and consists of creating highly detailed images of species of invasive fruit flies for the purpose of developing an identification application for Port Inspectors, Extension Agents, and others who need to be able to identify these pests. This is a project of economic importance because of the devastation of food crops, forests and other plants that we depend upon.

In order to create the images, they must first be photographed, and as you probably know, dead insects tend to be all twisted and curled up. Also being small and very difficult to photograph with any degree of clarity because of the high magnification required to see them, required a special technique.

Multiple exposures for each view, begins with focusing at the top of the specimen, and then refocusing down a few microns, taking a picture, and repeating the process until as many "slices" or layers are created that will give us the final product we need. The process is called "stacking".

Then using the computer and a software application to analyze theses slices, they are composited or merged into a single "in-focus" image. What you see here are the composited images of this specimen, one each for the head, thorax, abdomen, ovipositor, legs and wing.

The image on the next page shows you the final composite of these individual images into a single dorsal view.