Anastrepha Castanea

Invasive Fruit Fly - Anastrepha castanea
Invasive Fruit Fly Project
Work in progress - 2008/Present
Medium: Adobe Photoshop, whichever current version is available at the time the work is being performed.

This is the final result of compositing the images on the previous page. In order to create an image like this, it is necessary to carefully mask the parts of the image not wanted, and to clean up or repair the image where needed. This often involves removing out of focus portions in the background, pins and labels, lots of dust particles, and scales from moths and butterflies that are acquired when collecting the specimens. Often repair must be made for tears, holes, and other anomalies.

Then the individual images are combined into what is called a habitus or presentation image in scientific illustration. In this case it is a dorsal habitus. It may take most of a day to accomplish this task, and rarely do I get more than two of these done in a day, and that's a long day. The final product will have approximately 200 of these images. At this time I have done slightly more than 100 of these images. In addition there will be some that are shown laterally (from the side) to illustrate other features.

This type of work is called Photo-Illustration and requires skill that involves using the computer and software at a high level of proficiency along with an extensive knowlege of the subject matter and purpose for which it is being done.

These final composited images will be the standard used for identification, and they will have been approved for that purpose by Dr. Allen Norrbom of the Systematic Entomology Laboratory, USDA, the scientist for whom I am doing this project.